Out of Towners

If you're from out of town and are looking for a local Pittsburgh production company to partner with on your next video shoot or photography project, you are certainly on the right track. We've worked with production houses on both coasts, both as a guide and also as a subsidary staffing solution for reality television series, large commercial productions, and pilots.

If you're a production company looking for a movie studio, with space to build sets and call home, you are certainly getting closer, but you may want to check out 31st Street Studios. It's big.

Studio Avery is managed by Orionvega, a regional video production company, and we may have the space you're looking for. Check out Specs and Perks to see if our space is right for your next project.

Helpful Links

It's always a challenge for Production Coordinators tapping into a new and unfamiliar city, so here are a few helpful links that may make your job a bit easier. Welcome to Pittsburgh!